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Transfer deadline day best moments: Rose on chippies & Mourinho interviewing himself

Danny Rose is looking forward to moving north again so he can find a decent chippy

Maybe there haven’t been many big signings, but there’s been plenty to talk about.

So, transfer deadline day January 2020 hasn’t been one for the ages has it? That feeling when you wait in all night on a Friday to see if a Chinese Super League striker will join Manchester United.

Nevertheless, there have been some highlights. Like this very satisfying bit of nominative determinism.

Or this, slightly more heavy-handed approach at what you might call, ‘doing a pun’…

*Just to fill in the blanks (because jokes are famously better when you have to explain them, right?) 27-year-old Spaniard Borja Baston will be making a free transfer to the Birmingham club. Oh, and Borussia Dortmund have signed Emre Can on loan from Juventus. In case that wasn’t self-evident.

Aside from that, there have plenty more points for discussion, lols, curiosities etc, including, not-exhaustively, all of the below gubbins.

OK, we know this first one isn’t *technically* a deadline day tweet, but still, it’s pretty good…

1. Going for a song

Club social admins: take note. This is how you orchestrate a 360-degree digital campaign around a new signing.

We were obviously a little bit disappointed when we realised that it wasn’t actually club captain Billy Sharp doing the singing, but nothing could entirely dampen our enjoyment of this.

And while we’re talking Britpop revival, an honourable mention to this new partnership, which could finally unite the red and blue halves of Manchester.

Meanwhile, another new Blade has some big decisions on how to cut his cloth.

Sheffield United signed Dutch forward Richairo Zivkovic, as well as Greece defender Panagiotis Retsos on loan.

2. Do Chelsea know it’s transfer deadline day?

Given that Chelsea successfully appealed to the Court of Arbitration for Sport to have their transfer ban lifted for this window, you may be forgiven for thinking that they might try to use the opportunity to, erm, sign some footballers.

More fool you.

To be fair, there have been plenty of rumours, including Dries Mertens, but, as the month rumbled on with no concrete news of new signings, fans’ frustrations grew. The club’s first strategy seemed to be to try and make a bit of a joke about the whole thing.

Which, rather surprisingly, went down like a lead balloon.

When that tactic didn’t quite land, Chelsea’s social admins seemed to adopt a different approach: pretend it isn’t happening. Perhaps no-one will notice.

Would the manager may be more amenable and open?

Frank Lampard plays deadline-day ‘Deal or No Deal’ with reporter

Ah, so, no, in short.

3. Ever feel like you’re talking to yourself?

Of course, Jose Mourinho has been in this game longer than Frank Lampard. He knows how to play the media game. If you want to avoid having to answer difficult questions from journalists, why not just exclude them from the whole question-and-answer process – cut out the middle man.

4. Transfer board games

Manchester United signed Nigeria striker Odion Ighalo at the last minute, but gave up their pursuit of 28-year old Bournemouth striker Josh King, which is a shame, if only because it means the above won’t come to pass. At least we got to enjoy the replies.

5. The ultimate journeyman

We just invented a new and very specific bit of sports journalese: to “un-Ravel”: verb, meaning, to depart ways with Ravel Morrison.

The 26-year-old will join Middlesbrough on loan from Sheffield United, via Italy, Mexico, Norway and Manchester United.

6. Priorities

Danny Rose certainly seems glad to be getting out of *that* London after signing for Newcastle United on loan until the end of the season.

Shout out to everyone else who refers to the chip shop as ‘facilities’.

The Yorkshire man also made a big call by saying that the best chippy in the country is in Doncaster.

7. The nearly man

It must be gutting when your dream move to a big club falters at the last hurdle. The 28-year-old Beijing Guoan forward was all set to join the Catalan giants on loan until a last-minute pull-out.

At least the moment has been preserved for posterity.

8. Bristol City go raise the roof

Bristol City signed Burnley striker Nahki Wells on a £5m deal on the penultimate day of the window, which meant another opportunity to open up the roof at Ashton Gate. In case you didn’t already know, is where all new signings get announced. What an in-joke.

Viva la roof indeed.

Also, mad respect to the Bristolians for this entry into the brave new frontier of youth content that is TikTok.

9. Twin Town

Among all of the many club announcements of new signings today, we particularly enjoyed this apparent attempt by the graphic designer on Fleetwood Town’s social media team to try con fans into thinking that the club had signed two players for the price of one.

Nineteen-year-old defender Lewis Gibson (and his evil twin?) signed for Fleetwood on loan from Everton.

10. It’s all about perspective

A timely reminder, money isn’t everything, guys.

11. Smile for the camera

Aston Villa midfielder, Jacob Ramsey here, looking delighted at his move to Doncaster.

Is it the most glum-looking transfer announcement photo of the window? There are certainly some strong contenders. Among them, this moody profile…

And also this muted affair…

It all puts us in mind of this precious moment from last year’s winter transfer window.

12. Window of opportunity

Did you really think we were going to let a transfer window go by without some mention of Harry Redknapp? In fact, if someone doesn’t tweet a picture of him talking to reporters from his driving seat, is it really even a transfer window at all?

Thank goodness that someone posted this, which has simultaneously ticked that ‘Arry box for us, and also managed to kill another bird with the same stone by making some clever conflation of transfer deadline day and Brexit day.

Well, that’s that for this window. See you in the summer.

Now, off to bed. We’re tired.

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