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The drama, pride and tragedy of F1’s last Moroccan Grand Prix

The intensely patriotic Moss was desperate to be Britain’s first F1 world champion

The 2020 Marrakesh E-Prix will be the first FIA open-wheel World Championship event in Morocco since the 1958 Formula 1 Grand Prix.

Although the Marrakesh race has been going since 2016, this is the first season that Formula E has been given FIA World Championship status – putting the formula amongst the elite rank of motorsport competitions.

But the story of that race in 1958 is worth revisiting – as it was right up there with Lewis Hamilton’s last-corner overtake in 2008 in terms of astonishing season-ending drama.

The context

Phil Hill was designated to be Ferrari’s “hare” and push the Vanwalls into breaking – even if it cost his own car

What was certain going into the last round of the 1958 World Championship was that it would be won by a British driver for the first time.

Between Vanwall’s Stirling Moss and Tony Brooks and Ferrari’s Mike Hawthorn and Peter Collins, British drivers had won all but one World Championship races that season, the exception being Maurice Trintignant’s freak triumph at Monaco. (There was also an Indy 500 that counted to the championship that year, but life’s too short to get into that now