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Premier League: Summer transfer window expected to change

Jurgen Klopp has previously spoken about wanting the transfer window in line with Europe

Premier League clubs are expected to make changes to the summer transfer window to bring it in line with the rest of Europe.

For the past two seasons, the window in England closed the day before the top-flight campaign began.

However the deadline for most of Europe is the end of August, leading clubs to say they are at a disadvantage.

The matter will be discussed when senior officials of all 20 Premier League clubs meet on Thursday.

The transfer window was moved to the start of August in England following complaints from clubs and managers that keeping it open after the start of the season was disruptive.

It was hoped major leagues across Europe would also bring their own windows forward.

However, that did not happen and a number of clubs found themselves in the uncomfortable position of knowing their players were in demand across the continent but unable to bring in replacements for anyone they wanted to sell.

On Thursday, the clubs could decide to keep the window as it is, but this is thought to be unlikely.

If they opt for a change, it would either be to revert back to the end of August, in line with the rest of Europe, or split the window so it closes domestically before the season starts while remaining open for international deals.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has previously voiced his support for bringing the closure of the summer transfer window in line with the rest of Europe.

“I don’t care when it closes, but it must close at the same time,” he said in September. “They spoke about finishing it before the season starts. Good idea, but only England did it. That makes no sense. It was a good idea but it didn’t work out.”

In addition, the clubs will decide the date for the opening weekend of the 2020-21 season with both the finals of Euro 2020 and the Copa America on 12 July.

Following a YouGov report published on Tuesday which said 74% of fans wanted the video assistant referee (VAR) retained with some modifications, referees’ chief Mike Riley will give an update on the system.

He will present the findings of research aimed at gauging opinion from a broad spectrum of fans, both those who attend matches and others who watch games on television.

Article courtesy of BBC Sport
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